Have you ever sipped Gyokuro?

The Gyokuro, as you know, is considered tea finest of Japan. One of the fundamental characteristics of its “personality” derives from the shading of the plants about twenty days before harvest, as soon as the first spring buds begin to appear. The processing of the leaves after the harvest is also very special, as it is complex; on Hibiki-an it is totally mechanized, as in the vast majority of Japanese tea farms.

Many qualities and properties that should not be underestimated make it a truly unique tea to be tried as soon as possible. So, if you still don’t know exactly what it is, let’s find out together… and then don’t forget to try it!

Discovering a very special drink

The infusion is a slightly turbid yellow-green, unmistakable. The taste is wonderfully complex: at first a mix of distinctly vegetal notes, soft in the mouth and slightly sweet, like a tender and juicy spring grass warmed by the sun; then appears the freshness of slightly more sour and astringent notes, with an almost imperceptible hint of bitterness on the finish, which ensures a very special vitality at every sip and a refreshing aftertaste.


Flavour aside, Gyokuro tea leaves have been found to have significant potential. In addition to being rich in vitamins, which guarantee well-being in general, they are loaded with L-theanine, a substance also present in green tea, which you can rely on in particular to counter and prevent depression problems.

It promotes a sense of calm and promotes rest, stimulates a good mood and improves cardiovascular functions, optimizes our ability to concentrate and proves to be a valuable aid even for those who need to keep blood pressure under control. In short, it is an elixir of well-being and relaxation! You may be interested to read Moroccan coffee with cinnamon recipe/ spicy tuna couscous recipe/ Turmeric for weight loss article.

Let’s prepare a good Gyokuro infusion

To prepare this infusion, it is important to use “not” hot water of about 50 ° C and wait at least two minutes before serving the cup, so that the aroma of Theanine comes out, which is a type of amino acid present in tea, which makes it even tastier. For one person 3-4 grams of leaves are used.

  • Put the boiled water in the teapot to cool it.
  • Pour this water into the cups to cool it further. The amount of water for each cup is 30ml.
  • Dry the teapot and place the Gyokuro leaves. For each person 3 – 4 grams.
  • Return the cooled water to 50 ° C to the teapot. Cover it and wait two minutes without moving it.
  • Serve the tea in the cups, gradually pouring it into all the cups until the last drop.
  • The second and third cups should be served with the hottest water and waiting less, so you can enjoy a different taste every time!

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