Banana salad

Banana salad

Why always natural? This time bananas combine with caramelized oatmeal in a simple and pretty fruit salad. try also this Baked raclette cheese sandwiches recipe too.


Dessert For 4 people

4 bananas

4 tablespoons of lemon juice

100 g of oat flakes

80 g of sugar

Freind’s kitchen recipes, Potato and cheese dumplings.

How to proceed

Preparation: approx. 15 minutes

Cut the bananas into slices, sprinkle them with the lemon juice and let them rest. Meanwhile, toast the oat flakes in a non-stick pan until they are slightly colored. Pour in the sugar and caramelize. Pour the mass onto a sheet of baking paper and let it cool. Crumble the caramelized oat flakes and spread them over the bananas. You may be interested to read sago coconut cookies recipe/ chestnut cookies.

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