Raw honey: what it is, how to recognize it and why it is particularly good

Raw honey

Do you know raw honey? A honey with a particular consistency, because it is not pasteurized, which keeps all its nutritional properties intact and maximizes its virtues. Here are the differences with “industrial” honey, why and how to choose it and what are the specific benefits it brings.

The raw honey or raw, is a perfect substitute for sugar, the beneficial effects even higher than regular honey that we buy at the supermarket. This is because raw honey is not subjected to term treatments and preserves all its nutrients intact. Here’s what it is, how to recognize it and what are the benefits it brings.

What is raw or raw honey and how to recognize it

The raw honey, also called raw, is simply the non-pasteurized honey. Most of the honey that we find on supermarket shelves, in fact, undergoes a pasteurization process which, in addition to eliminating any bacterial forms, allows the honey not to crystallize, remaining substantially liquid, or almost liquid. Honey that is not subjected to pasteurization, on the other hand, has a completely different form: it tends to crystallize, due to the glucose naturally present in the product, unless it is acacia or chestnut honey. This allows the raw honey to keep all it’s honey intact nutritional properties, despite the non-homogeneous form, and thus maximize all its beneficial effects.

To be sure you are buying raw honey, you will have to look for the wording “honey not subjected to heat treatments”: some of the unpasteurized kinds of honey, in fact, could still have undergone temperature rises up to 60 ° C, so it is good to check that the wording “not subjected to treatment” is very clear.

Raw honey

The benefits of raw honey

As mentioned above, the properties of raw honey are “maximized” compared to those obtained with “industrial” honey. Here are the health benefits of consuming raw honey daily.

  • Raw honey is a rich source of antioxidants. According to scientific research, the antioxidant properties of raw honey could be the result of the combined activity of a wide range of compounds, including phenolics (aromatic compounds), peptides (proteins), organic acids and enzymes;
  • helps control cholesterol. Raw honey can be used as a substitute for sugar and other refined carbohydrates to lower cholesterol and lipid levels;
  • it can affect weight loss. Adding raw honey to your daily diet can accelerate weight loss by eliminating refined sweeteners. Furthermore, the enzymes present in raw honey act to decrease appetite and ensure satiety that makes you consume less food;
  • brings many antibacterial properties. Health experts guarantee that raw honey is great antibacterial food, which is why it is widely used in medicine. The antimicrobial properties of raw honey also make it excellent for wound healing;
  • supports the cardiovascular system. Taking one or two tablespoons of raw honey a day is helpful in improving the health of your cardiovascular system and preventing heart disease. This is because raw honey contains powerful antioxidants that prevent bad cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow;
Raw honey

  • improves digestion. Consuming raw honey helps your intestinal microflora, stimulates probiotic bacteria in the colon and also helps eliminate toxins in the intestine;
  • natural remedy for cough. According to experts, a teaspoon of raw honey contains around 21 calories and can quickly soothe an irritating cough thanks to its antimicrobial effects. To do this, just add two teaspoons of natural honey to a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice;
  • accelerates wound healing. The beneficial properties of raw honey make it a great wound remedy: honey moisturizes the wound, provides a protective barrier, kills microbes, and has a low pH. All things that accelerate the healing of cuts, scratches and various wounds;
  • Help the brain work better. Various researches performed to examine the antioxidants in raw honey have shown that these have a significant effect on the brain: honey can reduce the effect of oxidative stress in the brain;
  • improves skin health. Raw honey can act as a natural skin cleanser and moisturizer, can reduce blemishes and keep skin young: this is because it contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which cause premature ageing.

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