Stuffed Potatoes with Salmon are an easy to prepare and tasty appetizer, perfect for Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve dinner. For this recipe, I took inspiration from the typical dishes of Scandinavian countries based on potatoes, smoked salmon and sour cream. During a holiday I had the opportunity to taste this dish and conquered by its goodness I wanted to try it again at home.

Potatoes are a very common ingredient, smoked salmon (especially during the holidays) can be bought in all supermarkets at reasonable prices, but there was still the problem of finding sour cream! In Italy, it is an (almost) unobtainable ingredient, but with a bit of cunning, I have developed a recipe that replaces it perfectly.

Just mix some simple fresh cream with ricotta and lemon juice … and here is a valid alternative to sour cream! The rest of the recipe is a breeze. We make little boats with boiled potatoes, prepare the filling with salmon, a little (fake) sour cream and our appetizer is ready to be served on the table!

In a short time, we will create an elegant dish that will amaze our guests! But by now you know, beyond the pleasant aspect of the dish, the most important thing for me is the taste … and I assure you that these potatoes with salmon are really delicious!

Preparation time: 15 min

Ready in: 15 min



4 boiled potatoes (weight about 800g)

250 g ricotta

250 ml unsweetened fresh cream

200 g smoked salmon

1 lemon

Chives to taste

Salt and Pepper To Taste.


Cut the potatoes boiled in salted water in half lengthwise, then hollow them out with the help of a spoon until you get small boats. To facilitate the operation I advise you to wait until the potatoes are very cold and to leave the skin which will give greater “compactness” to the boats. Collect the pulp in a bowl because we will need it for the filling.


In a large bowl, put the ricotta, cream, salt and pepper according to your taste, the lemon juice and a sprig of chopped chives. Mix all the ingredients vigorously with a whisk until you get a smooth and velvety sauce.


Take back the bowl with the potato pulp and add the smoked salmon cut into small pieces and half of the sauce just made. Gently mix with a spoon until you get a well-blended filling. Put the other half of the sauce in a bowl and serve it with the potatoes, so as to allow diners to add more if they wish.


Now fill the potato boats with the filling with the help of two spoons. At this point, decorate the potatoes according to your tastes; I used some lemon slices, a piece of salmon that I had left aside for decoration and little chives.


Here are the potatoes stuffed with salmon served on the table. You can easily prepare them in advance, for example in the morning to eat them in the evening; in this case, keep them in the fridge, leaving them for half an hour at room temperature before eating them.


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