The best rum glasses: how to choose the right one

best rum glasses

To taste a good rum, you need to pour the distillate into the right glass so that you can savour its flavours and smell its aromas, without them being dispersed. Thickness, width and stem are some of the characteristics to be observed before choosing the right glass. In our guide, we will explain how to choose the best rum glasses for a good tasting experience.

The rum glasses are designed to enhance the intoxicating aromas of this distillate, tasting it at its best.

The way in which it is served and the type of glass in which it is poured help to enhance the flavours, letting the rum release its natural aromas in a balanced and enveloping way.

In addition to the thickness, which must be thin, and the material, crystal or glass, the appropriate glass must have a tulip shape that favours the correct oxygenation of the rum.

The wider bottom of the glass, in fact, allows the distillate to open in a balanced way, the narrower mouth, on the other hand, accompanies the opening of the range of fragrances without letting them evaporate excessively.

The glasses to taste the rum should also be chosen according to the type of distillate we are about to drink. If it is a younger and softer rum it should be served in medium-sized tulip glasses with a narrower top, Snifter style. If, on the other hand, you want to sip aged rums, Glencairn with medium opening drinks will be the best for proper oxygenation.

On the market, there are different types to choose from those designed specifically for a good tasting, to design models – thought more for the display than for the tasting itself, to those of the most renowned rum brands such as Zacapa and Diplomatico.

In our guide, we have collected all the most useful information to choose a suitable rum glass based on shape, type of distillate to drink and brand.

The 8 best rum glasses

Once you have identified the most suitable type of glass to best taste a good bottle of rum, you can evaluate other factors such as price and brand. On Amazon there are many alternatives to choose from, alternatively, you can also find them in stores specializing in the sale of items for the home and kitchen such as Ikea or Kasanova.

Below we have identified the best models of rum glasses based on shape, materials, price and brand to help you find your way around the multitude of items available.

1. Libbey 3708 Embassy 17.5 oz rum glass

best rum glasses

SET of 4 original Libbey rum glasses also suitable for drinking spirits such as Whiskey.

Upper diameter 5.2 cm and the lower one about 8 cm, perfect shape for the best olfactory experience.

Cup capacity 280 ml and height 10 cm.

2. Set of 6 Glasses – Non-Leaded Crystal Glass

best rum glasses

Non-Leaded Crystal Glass, Great for Spirits – Whiskey – Bourbon – Liquor – Wine – 18 oz – Made in Europe – By Barski. Finest European quality glass for ultimate sparkle and clarity. Dishwasher safe for added convenience. 5″ Height x 3.2″ Diameter. Beautiful gift boxed no need to wrap. Make a great gift for someone who appreciates quality and the finer things in life.

3. Glencairn Prestige glasses for tasting

best rum glasses

The official Glencairn glass ideal for rum and whiskey tasting. A set of 6 Glencairn glasses made of lead-free crystal and dishwasher safe.

They have a capacity of 170 ml, a base diameter of 46mm and that of the glasses equal to 67mm.

4. Bourbon Glasses Rum Glasses

best rum glasses

The set of 6 Botucal tumbler glasses for rum made of glass with 280ml capacity.

They are suitable for tasting rum or other spirits such as whiskey

5. Normann Copenhagen Set of 2 Liqueur Glasses

best rum glasses

The one proposed by Normann Copenhagen is a set of special glasses to pour the rum and let it swirl in the glass without any effort.

The diameter is 8.5 cm and the capacity 15 cl. A type much appreciated for the particular design of the glass for spirits.

7. Thumbs Up! DIAGLS diamond-shaped glasses

The Thumbs Up! diamond model includes 2 glasses for liqueur characterized by a very particular and appreciated shape.

The glasses can be used both for rum and for pouring other types of spirits. They are made of borosilicate glass, have 350 ml capacity and cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

How to choose rum glasses

In short, each distillate has its own glass and this also applies to rum. Some will be more suitable for aged ones, others instead of more suitable for appreciating younger rums.

Below we have collected all the most useful information to choose the best glasses for serving rum.

Type of rum glass

The best rum glasses stand out between those of the Snifter type and the Glencairn which have some differences.

The snifter glasses are made of thin glass and have a more or less short stem and a fairly rounded bottom.

The upper part, i.e. the one from which you drink, is instead narrower. You will therefore find both types with a larger opening, more suitable for aged rums that need to oxygenate more, and those with a smaller opening, which are able to better enclose the subtler aromas of younger rums.

The Glencairn style ones have a lower and wider body than the opening that gradually tightens up to the top. Generally, they are more suitable for whiskey or bourbon but some types of complex rums can also be used that must be oxygenated to be appreciated (we are talking about agricultural rums or aged ones).

Design rum glasses. A type that is pleasant to see and exhibit, designed more for the aesthetic and furnishing component than for tasting. Rum enthusiasts prefer other types to taste the distillate and choose the design models for their particularity for mainly display purposes.


The shape of the rum glass is the most important characteristic on which the taste of the liqueur can depend.

On the one hand, the wide base favours the right oxygenation of the distillate, on the other hand, the smaller opening of the mouth of the glass ensures a balanced concentration of aromas.

In this way, the rum opens in a balanced way without evaporating the range of aromas, which instead remain trapped in the glass thanks to a narrow opening.


Last consideration must be made on the stem. In general, this part of the glass does not enhance its flavour but can affect the temperature of the rum.

The stem, in fact, allows us to sip the rum without heating it in contact with the hands and is therefore preferable to serve more complex rums that require a longer oxygenation process.

To drink young rum or in case of adding ice, however, we can also opt for those without stem.


Also not to be underestimated is the material with which the glass is made, on which the quality and resistance of the glass depend.

There are crystal rum glasses, of superior quality, which vary in the way this material is processed. There are glass Snifters, certainly cheaper but equally good, or tempered glass tumblers, although more suitable for rum-based cocktails.


Among the companies that work best in terms of the quality ratio of materials and price is certainly Bormioli, a renowned Italian brand, and Botucal of which we have seen in the ranking the snifter-style glasses, also suitable for cognac.

There are also brands specialized in the production of rum that produce glasses specially designed for their bottles such as Zacapa or Diplomatico. Branded rum glasses set sold in packs of 2, 4 or 6 pieces.

How to taste rum with the right glass

To taste a good rum at its best, it must therefore be poured into a specific glass, filled to about 1/4 of its capacity. The rum glass will make it oxygenate at its best, enhancing it.

Then let it swirl gently to make the distillate release its fragrance and open. Smell with an inclined glass to feel the multiplicity of aromas and sip it in small doses .

Furthermore, to be appreciated at its best, it should be served at room temperature that oscillates between 20 ° and 24 ° degrees, in order to prevent the high alcohol content from covering its natural flavour.

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