How to store smoked salmon: tips and tricks to make it last a long time

How to store smoked salmon

How to store smoked salmon? In the kitchen you know, nothing is thrown away and this rule always applies, especially if we are talking about fine and tasty foods such as smoked salmon. If you have some leftover from the Christmas tables, don’t worry, here is a simple guide to learning how to keep it and always have it available.

During the Christmas holidays, it is one of the inevitable protagonists of our tables, ready to use for delicious aperitifs or fresh appetizers: we are talking about naturally smoked salmon, loved and appreciated for its taste and its unmistakable scent. Salmon is a fine fish, rich in nutrients, in particular, omega-3 that we can find on the market in slices or slices, fresh or already smoked, in practical vacuum packs. If you’ve bought smoked salmon in large quantities, it’s leftover and you don’t know how to store it, you’ve come to the right place. If you are wondering how long it can be left in the fridge before being consumed or if it is possible to freeze it, just follow our advice and you will dispel any doubts.

How to store smoked salmon in the fridge

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have purchased a quality product and that it is not close to the expiration date, with thick slices and a smoky smell that is neither too strong nor rancid. If once leftover, you intend to consume it within a maximum of three days, you can keep your smoked salmon in the fridge, covered with cling film. If you choose this method of preservation, make sure that the salmon does not suffer large changes in temperature, try not to keep the leftover one out of the fridge for too long before covering and storing it and check that the temperature of the fridge does not exceed 4 degrees centigrade.

How to freeze smoked salmon

We precede you on the question and we already give you the answer: yes, smoked salmon still closed or already opened can be frozen and stored in the freezer and it is also an excellent idea because, through freezing, the salmon does not lose organoleptic properties. Therefore, get some bags suitable for freezing (preferably sealed with the vacuum method), divide the smoked salmon into portions that do not exceed 100 or 150 grams, then close them and simply place them in the freezer: in this way you can keep it up to 1 o 2 months. To defrost it properly, we recommend that you first move it to the refrigerator for a few hours, so that it retraces the cold chain and retains its nutritional qualities.

How to store smoked salmon

Some ideas for using leftover smoked salmon

We especially love it during the holidays but smoked salmon is good all year round and its intense flavour makes it perfect for different types of recipes. Fresh or defrosted, you can use your smoked salmon to bring to the table a quick and fragrant pasta, ready in a few minutes or for an alternative lasagna; if you are looking for an appetizer, we recommend our potato and salmon millefeuille, as simple as it is spectacular, or some delicious eggplant and salmon rolls. If you are great lovers of tradition and want to go on the safe side with carpaccio and canapés, the great classics never disappoint.

How to store smoked salmon

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