Luxury chocolate

Luxury chocolate

Great as a gift, for guests or to spoil yourself: the dark chocolate with coconut and pineapple and the white one with goji berries and pistachios. try also this Croque Monsieur recipe too.


Dessert For 2 pieces of 120 g

Coconut and pineapple chocolate

100 g of chocolate, for example Suprême Bouquet d’oranges

20 g of coconut chips

40 g of dried pineapple

1 tablespoon of toasted sesame

pink pepper

Goji berry and pistachio chocolate

100 g of white chocolate, for example Suprême Framboise

20 g of salted pistachios

10 g of goji berries

Freind’s kitchen recipes, Soup with apples.

How to proceed


ca. 25 minutes

Cooling down

Total time:

1 h 55 min

Melt the different qualities of chocolate separately in a bain-marie, without boiling the water. Line the inside of the cookie box lids, approx. 10 x 18 cm. Pour in the chocolate and level. Sprinkle with the ingredients corresponding to the desired topping. Let it settle in a cool place.

Useful tips

Be patient when you melt the chocolate! Otherwise, if you heat it too much, cooling the chocolate becomes covered with a gray patina.

If you don’t have cookie box lids on hand, you can spread the chocolate on parchment paper and break it up after it has cooled.

Pack the chocolate in cellophane and give it away.

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