Chicken breast with Sichuan pepper and pineapple

Chicken breast with Sichuan pepper

The secret of this tasty chicken breast lies in the mixture of thyme and two peppers: Cayenne and Sichuan. Served on a slice of pineapple, divine! try also this skyr cake with blueberries recipe too.


Main course For 4 people

2 sprigs of thyme

2 teaspoons of pepper, for example from Sichuan or Lampong

½ pineapple

4 chicken breasts



1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

1 tablespoon of butter

0.5 dl of sweet white wine

1 dl of poultry stock or stock

1.5 dl of full cream

¼ of vanilla pod

Cayenne pepper

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How to proceed

Preparation: approx. 30 minutes

Remove the thyme leaves from the twigs, crush them finely in a mortar with pepper and pour everything into a dish. Peel the pineapple, remove the eyes and cut the fruit into 1 cm slices. Dip one side of the slices in the thyme and pepper mixture.

Salt and pepper the chicken breasts. Brown them in oil for 5-6 minutes. Wrap them in a paper and keep them warm. Add the butter to the cooking juices and brown the pineapple slices until they become hot. Keep them warm.

Melt the cooking juices with the wine and the poultry stock. Add the cream and reduce the sauce until it becomes creamy. Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise, remove the seeds and mix them with the sauce. Season with cayenne pepper and salt. Slice the breasts obliquely, serve them on the pineapple slices and garnish with the sauce. You may be interested to read a healthy yogurt cake recipe/ Moroccan coffee recipe.

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