Polenta with tricolour carrots

Polenta with tricolour carrots

Polenta with tricolour carrots, Served with cheese polenta and decorated with thyme, the steamed orange, yellow and purple carrots refined with orange juice is beautiful.


Main course For 4 people

1 onion

4 tablespoons of olive oil

1 litre of vegetable broth

300 g of flour for polenta

40 g of cheese, e.g. sweet Appenzeller



600 g of carrots, i.e. red, orange or yellow

½ orange

ca. 5 sprigs

How to proceed


ca. 30 minutes


ca. 20 minutes

Total time:

50 min

Peel the onion and chop it. Heat half of the oil in a high pot. Add the onion and let it dry for approx. 2 minutes. Pour in the broth. Sprinkle in the polenta flour, stirring. Simmer over medium heat for approx. 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Warning: bubbling polenta can splash. Grate the cheese with the rösti grater. Incorporate it into the polenta. Season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, peel the carrots and place them in a steamer basket. Place the basket in a large pot. Pour a little water and bring to a boil with the lid on. Steam the carrots with the lid on for approx. 20 minutes. Squeeze the orange. Heat the remaining oil in a pan. Add the carrots and sauté them briefly. Pour the orange juice and reduce until the liquid is completely absorbed. Season with salt and pepper. Serve the polenta with carrots. Wash the thyme and sprinkle it on the dish. You may be interested to read about virtue chocolate and the benefits Blogpost/ lamb couscous with vegetable recipe/ Pork stew with carrots recipe.

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