Arequipa Ocopa recipe

Arequipa Ocopa recipe

Ingredients to make arequipeña Ocopa:

 8 Yellow Mirasol Chili Peppers

  3 Soaked Garlic Cloves

  1 Small Soazada Onion


  200 grams Peeled Walnuts

  3 Crackers

  200 grams Fresh Cheese

  1 Small Can of Evaporated Milk

  Some Branches of Huacatay

  1/2 lemon

  3 hard boiled eggs

  8 olives

  Boiled potatoes

  Lettuce leaves

How to make Ocopa Arequipa:

Boil the peppers without seeds; Blend the chili peppers, onion and garlic with oil which should cover the blades; also blend and unite the rest of the ingredients, forming a very smooth cream, season.

Serve the sauce over the boiled potatoes, decorate with the hard-boiled eggs and olives.

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