Burnt Coconut Recipe

Burnt Coconut Recipe

This recipe is simply irresistible and with only 3 ingredients you will have a treat that will conquer you!

Have you ever tried that sugary and crunchy coconut that is usually sold at fairs or squares? This is the recipe that we will teach you here! Called in some places burnt coquinho, it is also known as sugar coquinho, caquinho, beijinho and it is very simple to make.

The preparation time is a little long, but it’s just to let the sugar cover all the pieces of coconut with a delicious caramel! You will find that this coconut sweet recipe is worth preparing!

Want to see how to make burnt coconut here at TudoReceitas? Just follow the step-by-step photos and instructions and be delighted at the end!

Ingredients for making Burnt Coconut:

 1 unit of dry coconut (about 3 cups of cubed coconut tea) 300 g

 1½ cups of refined sugar or crystal

 ½ cup of water (120 milliliters)

How to make Burnt Coconut:

Open the dry coconut, remove its shell and separate the other ingredients for the recipe.

Tip: Coconut weight will vary according to its size. For every 100 grams of dried coconut in cubes, use half a cup of sugar and 40 ml of water.

Cut the coconut pulp into strips and then into cubes – if you prefer you can leave it in strips too.

Tip: If desired, remove the dark part of the coconut pulp.

After cutting the dried coconut into cubes, place it in a deep pan with the water and sugar.

Mix all the ingredients and bring to medium heat, leaving it to cook for about 30 minutes, approximately.

Tip: You don’t need to mess around all the time in this process, just once in a while.

When the water dries, the sugar will start to crystallize and, at this point, you need to stir constantly (taking care not to burn). Reduce heat and wait until sugar starts to caramelize.

Tip: This could take about 10 minutes.

When the coconut is caramelized as shown in the photo below, turn off the heat.

Grease a baking tray with oil or cover it with parchment paper and arrange the coconut pieces, spreading them well so that they don’t stick when they cool. After they cool, store them in a closed jar or bags.

Tip: On hot days, I suggest you keep this coconut candy stored in the fridge, inside a jar, so that the caramel doesn’t melt and remove the crunchiness of the candy.

Your burnt coconut will be ready for you to enjoy – I advance that it is impossible to eat just one! Surely this recipe will please everyone in your house or even for you to have as a snack in your bag. So give it a try and bon appetite!

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